Ghost River Theatre is currently working away on a scintillating multidisciplinary performance experience known as So Dark The Sky. This project explores the most ubiquitous and deceptively mundane of subjects: the weather. Weather shapes us, binds us, separates us; influences our mood and character; is a cornerstone of our communal sense of self.

Beginning with a two week residency workshop at the West Village Theatre, So Dark The Sky investigates weather through an ambitious multidisciplinary creation process fusing choreography, elemental theatre, and a suite of projection technologies. We want to plunge our audience into an all encompassing sensorial ecosystem – the surge of a hurricane, the pulse of thunder, the patter of rain, the collapse of the ice sheath; experience the power and nuance of weather.

Featuring the collaborative efforts of Eric Rose, Jason Rothery, Matthew Waddell, Laura Anzola, Josh Martin, and Alison Yanota, So Dark The Sky will divine how we have understood ourselves in the past, how we perceive ourselves in the present, how we imagine our communal future, and ultimately, what it means to be Canadian in our contemporary moment.