Why become a member of ghost river theatre’s board of directors?

  1. Be a part of the collaborative process in one of the most creative theatre companies in Canada

  2. Make a difference in a small community that has a huge impact on the arts in Calgary

  3. Contribute to the Calgary arts scene.

  4. Network with a diverse group of individuals from all sectors. Our board members come from public and private sectors, and include many different skills and disciplines, including business people, lawyers, actors, social services, education, and public policy.

Requirements of the Board of Directors

  1. Be dedicated to the vision, mission, ideals and principles for which Ghost River Theatre represents.

  2. Attending all meetings of the Board and any committees in which you are a part.

  3. Be responsible for discharging his/her duties in good faith.

  4. Serve as an ambassador for Ghost River Theatre in the Calgary Community and beyond.

  5. Undertake responsibilities in a manner the Director reasonably believes to be in the best interest of Ghost River Theatre.

  6. Make a meaningful financial contribution to Ghost River Theatre.

The Nominating Process

A current or past Board member or a member of management may recommend individuals who are interested in joining Ghost River Theatre’s Board of Directors to the Board Development Committee for consideration.  Unsolicited candidates may also be considered.

Recommended Candidate

When an individual is recommended, the following should occur:

  1. The recommender will provide the name of the candidate to the Board Development Chair, provide some detail about what value the candidate would bring to the Board including the depth and breadth of their network and where they believe the individual could make the greatest contribution.

  2. The candidate may be asked to provide the Board Development Chair with a resume and an outline of why they want to participate on the Board including information about what they would contribute in terms of network, business experience/expertise, past volunteer involvement, fundraising, etc.

  3. The Board Development Chair will send the Board of Directors Responsibilities and Nomination Guidelines to the candidate for review prior to an interview with the Board Development Committee.

  4. The Board Development Chair will arrange an interview with the candidate and as many of the Board Development Committee members as possible.

  5. In the interview, the Board Development Committee will provide information about Ghost River Theatre and the responsibilities of the Board.  The candidate should be prepared to ask questions and to respond to “getting to know you” questions.

  6. Upon approval of a candidate by the Board Development Committee, the Board Development Chair will advise the Board of the intent to nominate the candidate for approval at the next Board meeting.  New board members may be elected to the Board throughout the year as the Board and candidates see fit.

  7. Following election to the Board, Ghost River Theatre will provide the new Board member with a Board Member’s manual.


Unsolicited Candidates

Are you interested in getting involved? Unsolicited candidates will be considered by the Board Development Committee and the Board on a case by case basis, and we may ask for a resume or references as part of the process.

If you are interested in finding out more information about becoming a Ghost River Theatre Board Member or volunteer please contact us.


Board Committees:

  • Executive Committee

  • Finance Committee

  • Human Resources Committee

  • Fundraising Committee

Board Meetings

The full Board typically meets every month on the third Thursday in the evenings.  Board Committees meet on an ad hoc basis between board meetings. The meetings are generally held at the West Village Theatre--2007 10 Avenue SW and dinner is provided.