Pay-What-You-Can Workshop Performances

June 9 & 10:  8pm

June 11th:  2pm & 8pm

West Village Theatre

2007 10th Ave SW (back alley entrance) 

Little Red is a lovechild of the Major Matt Mason Collective and Ghost River Theatre. Youth, violence, sexuality, family, and growing up; a visceral deconstruction of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale set against a modern landscape.

After a charged ten-day intense exploration of source material and image, summer 2014, the ensemble of Major Matt Mason Collective members led by Eric Rose of Ghost River Theatre, will reform to delve further into the story and present a new chapter in this highly theatrical devised creation.

Shadowing, distorting, shattering, and reconstructing the fairy tale form we are asking the question: what is it that makes us continue to tell this story? Why has this story pervaded across countless cultures and generations? And in an age of rapidly redefined ideas and awareness surrounding sexuality and gender, what does it mean to tell this story today?

Workshop Performance coming June 2016 at the West Village Theatre.


Workshop Credits:

Concept and Direction - Eric Rose

Creation and Design -  The Ensemble

Script by Geoffrey Simon Brown

Original Music by Patrick Seager

Devisers/Performers by Charlie Gould, Zoe Glassman, Evan Medd, Joseph Perry, Mikaela Cochrane, Alexis Lerigny

Photography by Allons-y Images

A Proud Co-Production between Ghost River Theatre and Major Matt Mason Collective.