“Ghost River does more with less money than any other theatre group since those Cirque du Soleil guys were busking on the streets of Old Montreal.” Stephen Hunt - Calgary Herald

Theo wakes up terrified in a room without doors. There’s a five page manifesto pinned to him by a knife impaled in his chest.  His attacker, Haitham, prays on the other side of the room.  And then there’s a clock on the wall counting off a thousand years.

What happens next?  And who’s that third presence in the room, the figure they can only see out of the corners of their eyes?

A play for our times, inspired by the 2004 murder of Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh by Mohammed Bouyeri. Five years in the making, Everything is Terribly Nice Here is viscerally intelligent theatre that challenges and unsettles assumptions about free speech, fundamentalism and the limits of tolerance. An audacious and highly theatrical investigation of multiculturalism, artistic freedom and the politics of all kinds of religious conviction.

World Premiere Production


Text: David van Belle

Direction and Dramaturgy: Eric Rose

Production: David van Belle and Alyssa Bradac

Set and Lighting Designer: John Webber 

Sound and Video Design: Matthew Waddell 

Costume Design and Special Effects: Deitra Kalyn

Fight/Stunt Director:  Laryssa Yanchak

Stage Manager: Lisa Dalmazzi

Production Manager: Derek Paulich

Running Crew: Maren Hanna, Rachael Alexandre 

Photography: David van Belle



Alexa Devine as She

Ali Momen as Haitham

Clinton Carew as Theo

Praise for Everything is Terribly Nice Here

“...Ghost River Theatre has bravely stepped up to the plate to provoke and help facilitate a necessary conversation among Calgarians if we are to celebrate culture and multiculturalism in its entirety.”  Elisha Veldhuijzen - Avenue Magazine

“Ghost River Theatre should be commended for taking on broad concepts and producing risky theatre.” Jenna Shummoogum Theatre Blogger