what are the dimensions of the case? 

The case dimensions are and it weighs approximately 65lbs. Lifting is a 2 person job! We will help you lift it into your vehicle on our end. 

what days of the week can pick up occur?

can you drop off the projector to my venue/location?

Possibly, it depends on if we have the people and vehicles at the time. We charge a fee for this also.  Please contact us to discuss the details. 

can your technician assist in the set up at my location or my designs?

We offer consulting and assistance for every stage of your video production. Our team has worked on productions from big to small and can offer solutions to most of your video needs.  Please contact us to find out more. 

do you rent any other items (laptops/cables/lights/video mixer?)

At the moment no, but we are looking into options. 

what happens if I have to change my booking?

Not a problem. Contact us. Please be aware that if you need to cancel, there is a cancelation fee.