About the digital Arts sharing Program

The Digital Arts Sharing Program aims to address the detrimental lack of functioning and affordable projectors in the city of Calgary. Through a successful funding application to the Calgary Foundation and the Government of Alberta’s CIP Program, Ghost River Theatre is proud to be embarking on a game-changing new initiative to provide the arts community of Calgary with an important tool for innovative and inventive theatre-making. This program, managed fully by GRT, will offer accessible rental rates, provide training, and address the gap in access to projection technology that is currently available.

In larger terms, it will allow artists to continue to utilize this form of artistic expression to enrich their practices and expose Calgary audiences to an important creative tool for aesthetic storytelling.


What's available

4 x Projection Kits

Each kit includes:

  • Christie DHD1075-GS Laser Projector
  • Zoom Lens (Two different options available)
  • Road Case
  • Mounting Hardware
  • HDMI to SDI adapter
  • 100 foot Coaxial SDI cable
  • Remote Control
  • AC Power Cable

Technical details available here

Projctor Rates

Our goal to provide artists with high quality, cutting edge projection technology at a fraction of the cost of other rental companies. We also aim to be as transparent as possible with our rates and policies. Click here to learn more. 

If you are renting more than one projector please apply a 20% discount to total.

Operational Budget 1-Day Additional Days 1-Week Additional Weeks
Less than $100,000 / Individual Artist $100 + $25 $200 + $150
Between $100,000 and $300,000 $150 + $35 $250 + $200
Between $300,000 and $1,000,000 $175 + $45 $350 + $250
Over $1,000,000 $200 + $55 $400 + $300

Specialized Training

Need help setting up your projection project. We offer custom consulting in person or over phone with a projection specialist starting at $35/hr. 

More information here