OUr Goal

In 2017 Ghost River Theatre received a grant from the Calgary Arts Development to purchase 4 projectors and accessories. Each projector kit cost roughly $24,000. Our goal now is to create a sustainable enough system so that we are able to repair and manage the projectors while also being able to upgrade them every 5-7 years without relying so heavily on granting organizations. 

5-7 years you say?! 

Yes! Projection technology changes and advances so quickly that the state of the art from 7 years ago tends to look old and outdated. Do you have a 7 year old cell phone? How old is your computer?

Projectors also have a limited lifespan and after a certain amount of hours they lose brightness and overall quality. 


How we determine our rates

$70 of all rentals goes to paying a technician to come into the West Village Theatre to sign in and out the equipment. This involves checking that everything is present and in functioning order, organization, reporting, troubleshooting and answering any technical questions that you may have. We have to bring a special person in to do this because we currently have no full-time technical staff member capable of fulfilling this role. 


Why we use a sliding scale

It's pretty simple, we want to offer cheaper rates to artists and companies that have lower budgets. We also think that companies with higher budgets are still getting a deal; our most expensive rate is still 1/5 of the cost of other rental companies in the city for similar technology. 


Other Expenses related to this project 

Repairs - if anything goes wrong with these projectors, we need to send them to Ontario to be repaired. This could cost us between $1000-$5000. 

Website fees

Administration fees