Join us for a night of rowdy REMINISCING.

 Photo by  m-louis

Photo by m-louis


“As a company obsessed with new technologies and innovative performance, we have a tendency to be very future-focused: leaping ahead from show to show, plotting the next great adventure. But it’s important to take the time to acknowledge and celebrate our past - all the collaborators, administrators, volunteers, and the immense body of work we created together in our 25-year history.  It’s important to take a moment and recognize who helped us reach this milestone..”  

- Eric Rose, Ghost River Theatre, Artistic Director

Sometimes, you move so fast that everything around you becomes a blur. When you’re a high-tech, laboratory-based theatre company inventing the latest aesthetics in theatrical performance - looking to the past doesn’t come naturally. It’s hard to believe GRT has been creating for 25-years! Time flies when you’re launching rocket ships (The Highest Step in the World) and sailing across the globe (The Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst)…

On Friday, April 13th, Ghost River Theatre will be jumping into our time machine and cranking back the dial. From our inception with founder Doug Curtis in 1993, to our transition under long-time collaborator Jason Rothary, to the dynamic duo of Eric Rose and David van Belle, back to the present-day under the now solo-flying maverick, Rose – we invite you to a night of rowdy reminiscing.

Expect lasers, confetti, cocktails, and even the odd Carebear…the sort of legendary spectacle you’ve come to expect from GRT. Doors open Friday, April 13th at 6:30 PM at West Village Theatre with cocktails, followed by a showcase of surprise guests, speeches from our fearless leaders, wine and craft beer raffles, light refreshments, cash bar – and an EPIC dance party.


Admission is by donation at the door and/or a birthday hug. Advance tickets are available here.