The unforgettable blindfolded journey fundraiser is back, featuring the never before explored botanicals of gin!

a unique and imaginative evening of SIPS, STORYTELLING, and SURPRISES!
One-night only, limited seating.


THE GIN EXPERIENCE is an unforgettable blindfolded tasting journey to expand an audience's sensory perception of some of the world's most exceptional gins. Conceptually designed as a performance fundraiser for Ghost River Theatre by Eric Rose in collaboration with Last Best's Gin expert Bryce Parons, this is a gin encounter unlike any other you have ever experienced.

This instalment features a partnership with Last Best Brewing and Distillery, who will be providing a customized assortment of delectable food to keep bellies full and pair well with the tantalizing journey inside the glass. THE GIN EXPERIENCE features renowned playwright Jason Patrick Rothery, award winning sound renegade Anton de Groot, and a live performer.

Audience members are blindfolded, and led into the venue where they experience an intimate gin tasting that mingles live performance, immersive sound design and a specially designed tactile tasting mat that engage the audiences sense of touch. And of course, there is some incredible gins, each chosen for their unique taste and botanical profile.

WHEN & where

Friday, November 15, 6:30pm

Last Best Brewing and Distillery
607-11 Ave SW Calgary, AB T2R 0E1


$125 plus GST

Includes a $75 tax receipt, welcome drink courtesy of Last Best Brewing, delicious assortment of food for dinner, as well as the multi-sensory performance featuring music, storytelling, and tasting of 5 exquisite Gins specially chosen for unique geographical profile.

All proceeds go towards championing new, daring work at Ghost River Theatre.

the gin experience 2019 CREDITS

Concept and Direction: Eric Rose

Gin Expert / Collaborator: Bryce Parsons

Script: Jason Patrick Rothery

Sound Design: Anton de Groot

Sensory Mat Design: Caitlin Gallichan-Lowe


Event Management: Savanna Harvey and Kate Stadel


For the last 4 years GRT has bee celebrating scotch

GRT’s “...scotch tasting at the Bourbon Room inside the National, transported the audience back to the Scottish highlands, using a soundscape, storytelling and whiskey mythology to weave a spell one memorable night.” - Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald