Led by longtime Ghost River Theatre audiovisual designer and programmer Matthew Waddell, the Advanced Multimedia Design Intensive is for those looking to dive deeper into audiovisual design, digital art creation and media playback. This four-day, 18 hour, workshop will combine lectures, live demos and in-class exercises that introduce participants to concepts of realtime audiovisual programming and show control for live performance and installation. The intensive is intended for students, technicians, designers, artists, and educators who already have experience working with computers for performance or installation.


Topics Covered

  • TouchDesigner as a tool for endless creative expression. This workshop will introduce participants to the visual programming world of TouchDesigner.  Find out how professionals around the world use this powerful software to create large-scale audiovisual designs for architectural projection, theatre and dance performances, concerts, and installations. 

  • Projection mapping onto any surface using one or more projectors. - Learn how to blend and map one or one hundred projectors to create large-scale, high resolution visual designs. 

  • Live camera integration - Bringing live camera feeds into your projection design can add a layer of liveness and heightened reality to your work. It can also be very frustrating and costly to get the results you're after. We will demystify the process by looking at a variety of camera, capture and playback options that can work for every budget. 

  • Advanced control of sound, lights, effects and video using MIDI and OSC.- Timing is everything. Find out how to control and synchronize multiple devices and effects across your entire playback system. 

  • Realtime audio-responsive visuals. - Step up your design by making your visuals move to a beat. We will learn how to take any sound and assign it to parameters within your visual effects network. 

  • Video workflow and optimization. -Not all codecs are created equal. Learn how to set up an efficient pipeline that speeds up your workflow while maintaining maximum quality along the way. 

  • Intro to 3D Visuals - Knowing how to integrate and manipulate 3D visual elements (literally) adds another dimension to your work. We will look at basic concepts of 3D visuals and how you can use TouchDesigner to easily incorporate 3D objects into your design. 

    *No previous knowledge of TouchDesigner required. Working knowledge of QLab an asset. 
    **Participants will receive a handbook detailing all the topics covered in class as well as program files with useful content and prebuilt examples.

Dates and times

December 8: 6pm - 9pm

December 9: 6pm - 9pm

December 10 10am - 5pm

December 11: 10am - 5pm



Joyce & Quentin Doolittle Studio (one floor above the F.R. Matthews Theatre) at the University of Calgary



Early bird/Equity rate: $350 + GST

After November 18th, 2016: $375 + GST

About the instructor

Matthew Waddell is an audiovisual artist, multimedia programmer and educator. Matthew has been involved with digital arts for the last ten years and programs his own audiovisual performance software which has been used in Theatre, Dance, New Media, Music creation and recently Architectural Building Projection.   

As a musician he has performed in a number of festivals including Mutek, Suoni per il Popolo and Le Festival des Musiques de Creation de Jonquiere. He has attended residencies at the Banff Centre and the Society for Arts and Technology in Montreal and presented New Media work in Quebec and France. Matthew is an instructor and coach in the production department at the National Theatre School of Canada. 

Recent Ghost River Theatre credits include: Window, The Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst, Tomorrow’s Child and Reverie. 

Elsewhere: The Huron Bride (Vertigo), Kite Runner (Theatre Calgary), Mary’s Wedding (ATP). 

Matthew has received two Betty Mitchell Awards: Outstanding Projection Design, (The Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst, 2015) and Outstanding Sound Design (ONE, 2011) and a Calgary Critics Award for Best Technical Design (Tomorrow’s Child, 2014).


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