Promises, ghosts, and the most expensive piece of clothing you wear for one day.

 Photo by  m-louis

Photo by m-louis


“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to today to unite this woman – with whatever the fuck comes next.”  

From the misfit mind of 2017 ATP/Enbridge Playwright’s Award winner Louise Casemore, Un-Dressed is a personal investigation surrounding her own experiences, explorations of wedding rituals, and interviews with dress preservers, divorce lawyers, and the people in between. Join us as we unearth the frustrations surrounding this burden of fabric, explore changes in contemporary wedding culture, and invite our audience to take part in the exorcism as Casemore confronts her own gown after almost a decade. Shudder, shiver, stretch – we’re all in this together. And if you’re lucky, you might just get to throw the bouquet.

In development during the 17/18 season. Keep your eye out for invitations to focus groups, workshop presentations, and a chance to be part of Un-dressing the dress.


Co-Creator/Writer/Performer: Louise Casemore

Co-Creator/Director:  Eric Rose

Dramaturg/Site Specific Specialist: Beth Dart

Movement Choreographer: Ainsley Hillyard

Production Designer: Tessa Stamp