The World’s first-ever multi-sensory blindfolded scotch tasting experience


Conceptually designed as a performance fundraiser for Ghost River Theatre, TASTING SCOTCH is an unforgettable blindfolded tasting journey to expand an audience's sensory perception of some of the world's most exceptional scotches. Conceived by Eric in collaboration with one of Canada's most revered scotch experts Andrew Ferguson, this is a scotch encounter unlike any other you have ever experienced.

Audience members are blindfolded, and led into the venue where they experience an intimate scotch tasting that mingles live performance, immersive sound design and a specially designed scotch tasting mat that engage the audience’s sense of touch.  And of course, there is some incredible scotches, each chosen for their unique taste and geographic profile.

“I’ve been putting on specialized whisky tastings for nearly 15 years, and this is a first, not just for me but possibly in the world of whisky,” say Ferguson. “We are taking 5 whiskies, breaking down their stories, their sense of place and creating a narrative around them. Participants are led blindfolded on a journey of touch, taste, sound and scent. By removing our participants’ sense of sight we want not just to enhance the other senses but allow their imaginations to take control of the experience.”

TASTING SCOTCH is part of the Six Senses Series, a bold new series of sensory performance experiences that Ghost River will produce in upcoming seasons. Each installment will focus on the theatrical potential of our senses. Tasting Scotch, re-imagines the traditional scotch tasting as a multisensory performance, designed to expand the audience's sensory perception of some of the world’s most exceptional scotches.

Tasting Scotch marks an exciting partnership between Ghost River Theatre and The Kensington Wine Market.


Concept and Direction: Eric Rose

Collaborator and Scotch Expert: Andrew Ferguson

Script: Jason Patrick Rothery based on interviews with Andrew Ferguson

Sound Design: Matthew Waddell

Sensory Scotch Mat Design: Caitlin Gallichan-Lowe

Featuring:  Vanessa Sabourin

Sound Operator: Amelia Scott

Event Management: Mandy Dale

Special Thanks:

Evan Medd, Nicola Elson, Megan Webster, Stephen Phipps, Tim Dale,

About Andrew Ferguson

Ghost River Theatre's collaborator behind this tasting adventure is none other than Calgary's "The Scotch Guy" Andrew Ferguson. After 13 years working for Kensington Wine Market, first as a delivery driver and then as the store's resident Scotch and whisky expert he purchased the business April 1 2015. In his time here he helped put KWM on the international map as one of the World's top whisky shops. In March of 2015 Whisky Magazine awarded KWM "Highly Commended" or 2nd place for "Whisky Retailer of the Year  Single Outlet". He also built a reputation as one of Canada's most trusted whisky experts. On April 11th 2011 he was inducted into the Keepers of the Quaich, the first Canadian retail expert to be so honored. He has his own whisky tour company, He is also the President of a Calgary whisky club, The Companions of the Quaich, Calgary Chapter. A native of Calgary, he studied Military History at the University of Calgary.

Praise for Tasting Scotch

GRT’s “...scotch tasting at the Bourbon Room inside the National, transported the audience back to the Scottish highlands, using a soundscape, storytelling and whiskey mythology to weave a spell one memorable night.” - Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald

Production History

November 2015:  TASTING SCOTCH Premiered at The National’s Bourbon Room.

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