Before Reserving

  1. Please understand that we are an arts organization and not a large rental company. We do not have permanent staff working in rentals and thus have to bring in someone each time a rental is made. For this reason, we ask that you kindly show up at the agreed upon time to collect and return the equipment.  
  2. Make sure to read the F.A.Q. and Technical info (Is your vehicle large enough for the projector and road case?)
  3. Be aware that you claim full responsibility for any item that you rent.  If something is broken, misplaced or stolen while in your possession, you will be required to repay the full value. We require you sign a detailed legal contract that outlines all of this. Read it please, it's serious. We gotta protect our backs here folks. With all this said, we highly recommend that you get insurance. 

How to Reserve

  1. Check that a projector is available for your desired dates using the calendar below
  2. Fill out the rental forum below
  3. You will be redirected to a payment page to make a non refundable %10 deposit on your rental.

How to read this calendar

There are four projectors available. 

'Busy' means that one of them has been booked. If there are two 'busy' dates on the calendar, then two projectors are already booked, but two are still available.The only time there are no projectors available is when there are four 'busy' items on a given calendar day. 

If you are having problems viewing this calendar, it may be because of your browser or installed extensions. Try opening this page in another browser.


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Rental prices are determined by a sliding scale based on annual operational budget. If you are an individual artist select first option.
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Pickup Date
We're available from 9am - 6pm
Drop off date *
Drop off date
We're available from 9am - 6pm